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Category: JPN Release

BTS – Your Eyes Tell (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: BTSSong: Your Eyes TellAlbum: MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~THE JOURNEY~Year: 2020 Advertisements ENGLISH TRANSLATION Why, are so many tears flowingHey, stay by my side and laughA future without you is a world without colorMonochrome and coldEven the darkness [we] see is so beautiful Please believe meLooking straight only at youso you don’t go […]

BTS – Stay Gold (Japanese Lyrics)

歌手: BTS 歌: Stay Gold アルバム: MAP OF THE SOUL 7: THE JOURNEY 発売日: 2020年07月15日 Advertisements 歌詞: Ooh ooh In a world where you feel cold You gotta stay gold Oh baby Yeah 魅惑的な Moon Light 今宵も眠らない 月明かりを賴りに 君の元へ Hide and Seek 心へと忍びこんで 君の間近 近づくのさ いつの間にか 穢れを知らないな その瞳はダイヤ どんな寶石よりも Beautiful 何度も見惚れてしまうほど 君から目離せない No more 時計の針さえ 動きを止めるよ Uh […]

[JPN Album] FTISLAND – 10th Anniversary ALL TIME BEST/ Yellow (2020.05.20)

[Album] FTISLAND – 10th Anniversary ALL TIME BEST/ Yellow (2020.05.20/MP3/RAR) Japanese Release Advertisements Tracklist: Disc: 11. Flower Rock2. Brand-new days3. ハルカ4. Let it go!5. NEVERLAND6. TOP SECRET7. Polar Star8. FREEDOM9. 未体験Future10. PUPPY11. YOU DON’T KNOW WHO I AM12. JUST DO IT13. God Bless You14. Sunrise Yellow Disc: 21. So today.2. SATISFACTION3. Distance4. STAY5. You Are My […]

[JPN Single] NATURE – I’m So Pretty Japanese ver. (2020.02.12)

[Single] NATURE 네이처 – I’m So Pretty Japanese ver. (2020.02.12/MP3/RAR) Advertisements 01. I’m so Pretty.mp3 ~ 8.88 MB02. OOPSIE (My Bad).mp3 ~ 8.63 MB03. What’s Up.mp3 ~ 9.63 MB04. I’m so Pretty (Instrumental).mp3 ~ 8.88 MB05. Oopsie (My Bad) (Instrumental).mp3 ~ 8.63 MB06. What’s Up (Instrumental).mp3 ~ 9.57 MB   Link below. Can’t see?

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