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These Idols Are Also Amazing Athletes

  As fans know, being an idol involves a lot of athleticism, as members always dance on stage. What some fans don’t know, however, is that some of these idols are accomplished athletes outside of the entertainment industry. Some of them had such steady careers in their sport that if they decided not to pursue […]

7 IU Songs for Every Mood

  IU, who recently celebrated her 12th debut anniversary, is easily one of the most influential and hard working female soloists in the K-Pop industry. Her stage name IU is derived from “I” and “You”, symbolising her hope that people come together through music. Her voice is angelic and she’s extremely expressive. Many male idols and […]

11 Female Idols Who Redefine Sexy in a Suit

  (Photo : SME/MNH) [ story continues below ] Whoever thought suits were meant for men and were predominantly male attire, needs to think again. Over time, women have made the suit into their own and they’ve done it like nobody’s business. Power, appeal, influence, attitude, aura – these are all these idols embody via […]

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