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tvN announces lineup for second half of 2024

tvN announces lineup for second half of 2024 by tccolb It’s been a wild first half of 2024 on tvN, riding through a roller coaster of feels as we shook our fists at cheaters and cheered for revenge, wiping away ugly tears for the queen, and soon dissolving into a lovely fit of squees. But […]

News bites: July 14, 2024

News bites: July 14, 2024 by tccolb Moon Ga-young, Choi Hyun-wook tvN’s new webtoon adaptation He’s the Black Dragon (roughly translated) confirmed casting for Moon Ka-young (The Interest of Love) and Choi Hyun-wook (Twinkling Watermelon), with our leads first meeting as rivals on an online game and reigniting the fire 16 years later when they […]

Jo Jin-woong faces a public bounty with No Way Out

Jo Jin-woong faces a public bounty with No Way Out by Jenzy The criminal spectacle of Money Heist meets the competitive blood sport of Squid Game in the upcoming Disney+/LG U+ Mobile TV drama No Way Out: The Roulette starring Jo Jin-woong (The Good Bad Mother) and a star-studded ensemble cast.As the teaser wastes no […]

Former agent Cha Seung-won pursues The Tyrant

Former agent Cha Seung-won pursues The Tyrant by solstices Promotional materials are out for Disney+’s upcoming sci-fi thriller The Tyrant, setting its tone with gritty altercations and intense confrontations. A spin-off of the Witch movie series, the drama — initially planned as a movie, and later expanded to four episodes in the editing room — […]

Premiere Watch: Good Partner

Premiere Watch: Good Partner by missvictrix Time slot: Friday-SaturdayBroadcaster: SBSGenre: Legal, office, comedy, mystery, humanEpisode count: 16Global streamer: Viki Reasons to watch: I love Jang Nara in all her forms, but here she’s back leading the way as a cold and cutthroat ace divorce attorney. As if that weren’t enough goodness, her costar here is […]

5th Gen Idol Makes A Dramatic Visual Transformation, Looks Completely Different From First Appearance

When stars make physical transformations, they often become hot topics. These can range from just changing styling to unexplained changes in their visual appearance through exercise or other means. Recently, KISS OF LIFE Natty‘s visual changes since her first appearances became a topic of discussion as netizens marveled. KISS OF LIFE’s Natty | @natty_0530/Instagram Natty […]

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