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Author: kay_luv

News bites: June 13, 2024

1. NIW is the blandest of the bland, so this is probably a skip for me and I adore LSY. 2.I will watch anything with GY, I sat through the entirety of Goblin and I loathe that drama, so this should be a pleasant surprise. 3. This looks amusing!! 4. I will try for Rain, […]

RIIZE’s Anton Stops Fans In Their Tracks With His Hot AF Real Life Visuals In Pop-Up Store Event

RIIZE‘s Anton is gaining attention for his stunning appearance! RIIZE’s Anton On June 14, the SM Entertainment boy group visited their “RIIZING” pop-up store at Starfield Suwon, Gyeonggi Province. Needless to say, Anton shocked fans with his flawless visuals. He had a cool, laidback aura that was a complete change from his usual adorable self. […]

News bites: June 12, 2024

News bites: June 12, 2024 by tccolb Shin Hye-sun, Lee Jin-wook, Kang Hoon ENA announced that the romance To My Hae-ri has been slotted on the schedule for later this year, making me hopeful for a thoughtful story with scripts penned by Han Ga-ram (I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day) and PD Jung Ji-hyun […]

Premiere Watch: My Sweet Mobster

I take your point about shifting the focus onto the ML, but I think that “The Woman Who Plays” sound a little sketchy in English. Plays with WHAT? Plays around? It’s unfortunate. Let’s re-re-name it! “Woman Who Knows How to Have Fun!” Noooo. Um… “Woman Who Slacks off and Plays!” Nooo. Um… “Woman Who…” Oh, […]

Rain stands by Kim Haneul in Disney+’s Red Swan

Rain stands by Kim Haneul in Disney+’s Red Swan by tccolb Waltzing us into Disney+’s upcoming action-melo Red Swan, the first teaser follows leads Kim Haneul (Nothing Uncovered) and Rain (Ghost Doctor) as they’re sunk into the mysteries surrounding the ~illustrious~ Hwa-in Group.Casting a veneer of grandeur and prestige, the opening sequence is a clear […]

News bites: June 10, 2024

News bites: June 10, 2024 by tccolb A new poster has dropped for Disney+’s action-melo Red Swan, dragging daughter-in-law Kim Haneul (Nothing Uncovered) and her bodyguard Rain (Ghost Doctor) into the shattering feuds over succession in our story’s chaebol family. The battle begins next month on July 3, with production for the series led by […]

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