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Author: kay_luv

Kim Min-kyu bargains with his body-swapper in The Heavenly Idol

Kim Min-kyu bargains with his body-swapper in The Heavenly Idol by Jenzy The newest teaser for tvN’s upcoming body swap comedy The Heavenly Idol has dropped, and it wastes no time showing us the sassier side of our priest-turned-idol.Kim Min-kyu (Business Proposal) plays Rembrary, a high priest from a mystical, Kpop-less other world who one […]

News bites: January 28, 2023

1 – given that it sometimes takes YEARS for an idol group to make it… good luck, girl, sincerely))) 2 – ghost bar, ghost hotel, ghost taxi, what’s next – ghost baths? Oh wait, Spirited Away already did that. Ghost gym? Ghost beauty salon? Ghost night club? *Oingo Boingo starts playing* Ok, the last one […]

Lee Sung-kyung longs for revenge in Call it Love

Lee Sung-kyung longs for revenge in Call it Love by solstices In the second teaser for Disney+’s upcoming revenge melodrama Call it Love, we step into the shoes of our betrayed heroine Shim Woo-joo, played by Lee Sung-kyung (Shooting Stars). Her home has just been cruelly snatched away from her, and it’s all she can […]

News bites: January 26, 2023

News bites: January 26, 2023 by tccolb Although Disney+’s new poster for Big Bet 2 is a bit lackluster, I am hooked by the action and energy of the newest teaser – or maybe I’m just excited by Sohn Seok-gu (Our Liberation Notes). Along with right-hand Lee Dong-hwi (Glitch), the second season about our casino […]

News bites: January 25, 2023

News bites: January 25, 2023 by tccolb What starts as an ordinary mishap becomes a scary nightmare when Chun Woo-hee (Be Melodramatic) loses her phone in the Netflix movie Unlocked. As seen in the newest posters, said phone becomes a central part of our story, allowing Im Shi-wan (Summer Strike) to gain access to everything. […]

BTS’s Suga Makes His Grand Entrance As Valentino’s Brand Ambassador At Paris Fashion Week

BTS‘s Jimin recently made his debut as Dior‘s global brand ambassador at Paris Fashion Week. Now, Suga is stepping onto the scene! Suga | @Preyoti_1/Twitter Earlier this month, Suga joined Valentino’s brand ambassadors, DI.VA.s, which stands for “Different Values.” According to creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, Suga is the brand’s ideal representative. He is a multi-faceted artist, an interpreter who uses his talent and […]

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