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12 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Slayed In The Prettiest Skirts

MAMAMOO’s Solar has rocked some interesting outfits — from controversial to fashion-forward and everything in between. Check out 12 of the most stunning skirts she’s worn on stage and decide which look was your own personal favorite!

1. The black and gold combo was made for her.

Solar looks luxurious during her “Spit It Out” promotions when she rocked the gorgeous two-piece look.


2. Only Solar can make vibrant yellow this gorgeous.

From her outfit to her watermelon hair to her lime earrings, this look is fresh as fruits.


3. She’s dazzling in deep red.

This sexy off-the-shoulder top is the perfect addition to a matching skirt.


4. Rainbows for days!

Basically everyone wants this funky latex two-piece set covered in Kawaii stickers.


5. Her charisma on stage is incredibly fierce in this fit.

This performance Goddess is ready to strut!


6. When in doubt, rock a leather skirt.

She tucked a crisp white blouse into it for a classic look.


7. Is this an angel, or just Solar?

In head-to-toe white lace, she couldn’t be any more stunning!


8. This cute and quirky look is so fun.

Her sequin skirt and graphic shirt are the perfect combination for when you want to look casual yet cute.


9. Superwoman has arrived.

She adds an extra touch of girliness to this outfit with some thigh-high socks.


10. This is definitely the perfect autumn outfit.

Her long-sleeve black top pairs flawlessly with this tan skirt.


11. Combining stripes has never looked so good.

Her shirt’s horizontal stripes and her skirt’s vertical pleats create an interesting dynamic.


12. Solar is pretty and posh.

This outfit looks like the mature version of a trendy school uniform!


Source: Koreaboo

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