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Author: kay_luv

“Dear.M” Premiere Delayed Due To Bullying Accusations Against Park Hye Soo, Drama Future Is Unclear

[ story continues below ] “Dear.M” premiere has been delayed! As previously reported, actress Park Hye Soo faced serious bullying allegations amid the recent movement. Her agency had denied all the allegations explicitly and stated they would be taking strict legal action. They have already begun collecting evidence and taking action against all but the […]

CHIMMI – Did You Have To Lyrics (Lovestruck in the City OST)

Last updated: February 23, 2021 by kgasa [ story continues below ] Did You Have To (그래야만 했냐) Lyrics CHIMMI(취미) Single: Lovestruck in the City OST도시남녀의 사랑법 OST Part.13 Genre: K-Pop Label: Most Contents Released date: 2021.02.20 Language: Korean ROMANIZED LYRICS meoributeo balkkeutkkaji da neongeureoke yeppeoyaman haennyaYou’re so so so cute il deohagi iri dodaechenuga […]

Song Ji Hyo Accepts Lead Role in “Come to the Witch’s Restaurant”

Song Ji Hyo (Was It Love?) has accepted the lead role in the new Korean drama Come to the Witch’s Restaurant. Come to the Witch’s Restaurant is about a mysterious witch who runs a restaurant that grants people’s wishes, but at a cost. [ story continues below ] Song Ji Hyo will play the witch. […]

YG Responds To The Dating Rumors Between BIGBANG GDragon And BLACKPINK Jennie

  [ story continues below ] Today, dispatch reported that BIGBANG Gdragon And BLACKPINK Jennie are dating.   According to the media outlet, the alleged couple have been dating for a year and their dating was an open secret in YG. On February 24, YG Entertainment said in a short statement to E-Daily, “It is […]

BEN – Leave Me Lyrics (She Would Never Know OST)

Last updated: February 22, 2021 by kgasa [ story continues below ] 떠나요 (Leave Me) Lyrics Single: She Would Never Know OST선배, 그 립스틱 바르지 마요 OST Part.7 Genre: K-Pop Label: VLENDING Released date:  2021.02.22 Language: Korean ROMANIZED LYRICS 서로 바라보고사랑을 말하던같은 시간 속의 너이젠 안녕또 익숙한 방황찾을 수 없는 이유갈수록 무뎌져만 가 You and […]

Live On Korean Drama Review

Jung Da Bin plays Baek Ho Rang. She is very popular and attracts lots of attention, particularly from her large social media following, but she has a cold personality. When someone starts secretly threatening to reveal secrets about her, she decides to investigate by joining the broadcasting club. Live On is a pretty straightforward high […]

PL – Think About You Lyrics (Replay OST)

Last updated: February 23, 2021 by kgasa [ story continues below ] Think About You (네가 생각나) Lyrics PL (피엘) Single: REPLAY : The Moment OST리플레이 OST Part 7 (웹드라마) Genre: OST, K-Pop Label: MUSIC&NEW Released date: 2021.02.23 Language: Korean ROMANIZED LYRICS neol cheoeum majuchin geu sunganinaege dagawa yeongwoni doeeo nuneul gamgo isseodo nega boyeojigeum […]

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