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‘Crash Landing on You’s’ Se-ri: Everything you need to know about Son Ye-jin

Right now, everyone is talking about Son Ye-jin, who plays Se-ri in the hit Netflix K-drama “Crash Landing On You” (“CLOY”). The 38-year-old Ye-jin has never been more famous around the world, but she’s been a very famous star in Korea for two decades now, known for her porcelain beauty as well as her versatile […]

Things Have Really Escalated In “The World of The Married”… Fueling The Viewer Ratings To Reach An All-Time High

Only two episodes after JTBC‘s K-Drama The World of The Married announced its return to being rated R… Advertisements … its viewer ratings reached a new, all-time high of 22.9% (nationwide average)! In fact, the most recent Episode 10 — so full of shocking turn of events involving all the characters… … actually peaked at 25.8% in […]

What you should know about Kim Tae-hee and the stars of ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’

The idea of characters who can see ghosts interacting with those who can’t is a staple in K-dramas, but what if the lead character is the ghost and she’s been following her husband who has now remarried, and her daughter? And what if, somehow, she is brought back to life? That is the crazy premise […]

10+ Times Lee Min Ho Looked Like An Unbelievably Sexy CEO In Perfectly Made Suits And Blazers For Your Ultimate Viewing Pleasure

Are you a fan of famous K-Drama actor Lee Min Ho? Advertisements Well, if you’ve been a long-time K-Drama watcher, there’s a big possibility that you are, considering that he has starred in several successful series before, such as: Your browser does not support video. The Legend of the Blue Sea, Your browser does not support […]

“The World of the Married” Kim Hee Ae Describes Han So Hee’s Visuals to Be Absolutely Perfect

In an online press conference for the popular drama, The World of the Married, Kim Hee Ae expressed her thoughts on the rising actress, Han So Hee as a costar. Advertisements During the press conference, Kim Hee Ae brought up Han So Hee and described her as the one in charge of beauty. Han So […]

Across the universe: ‘The King’ episode 2 breakdown

Netflix’s “The King: Eternal Monarch” has begun its reign over K-drama streaming, with one episode dropping every Friday and Saturday. Super will devote itself to make sure you’re fully informed about each episode, so Super’s Ruel S. De Vera and Ruth L. Navarra will recap and break down every episode for you as soon as […]

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