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Tag: Jang Nara

News bites: December 5, 2023

News bites: December 5, 2023 by tccolb The first poster has dropped for tvN’s Please Marry My Husband, bringing together our four leads: Park Min-young (Love in Contract), Na In-woo (Longing for You), Lee Yi-kyung (Critical X), and Song Ha-yoon (Oh! Young-shim). Starting off 2024 bright and early with a January 1 premiere, the fantasy […]

News bites: November 30, 2023

I am not sure how to feel about Fiery Priest 2. I did enjoy Fiery Priest. Everyone had a fantastic character’s arc, to be fair, this is frequent with Park Jae-beom’s work. But then… We’ve just finished a terribly painful Bong-soon’s sequel (Nam-soon or the tale of no brain goldfish red-flagging her way through Seoul), […]

News bites: November 28, 2023

Oops I was rewriting my comment and deleted the original before I realized it had been responded to. Here’s the revision fwiw: That poster for Knight Flower is fabulous. But dare I ask beanies this question? Ok, I dare. Does the poster suggest to you a COMEDY sageuk? Because it doesn’t to me, and I’m […]

News bites: November 14, 2023

News bites: November 14, 2023 by tccolb New character posters have dropped for tvN’s Maestra: Strings of Truth, showcasing our intense quartet: Lee Young-ae (Inspector Koo), Lee Moo-saeng (The Glory), Kim Young-jae (Numbers), and Hwang Boreumbyeol (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse). The music-mystery premieres next month on December 9, following Castaway Diva in the weekend slot. […]

First look at Jang Nara and Sohn Ho-joon in My Happy End

First look at Jang Nara and Sohn Ho-joon in My Happy End by tccolb The first teaser has dropped for TV Chosun’s new psychological thriller My Happy End, reuniting Jang Nara (Family: The Unbreakable Bond) and Sohn Ho-joon (The First Responders 2) in a seemingly happy marriage.Our heroine is the ambitious Seo Jae-won (Jang Nara), […]

News bites: April 8, 2023

1. Lee Joon-hyuk? Say no more, I’m in.…Everyone else is cool too, I guess. 2. Jang Nara reuniting with yet another costar? And the show is about them doing some vaguely anticapitalist/anti-consumerist things?? Oh god, maybe 2023 won’t be utter shit after all. 3. Yet another drama with a second season… Can we please stop […]

News bites: March 15, 2023

Doctor Slump appears to have some great talent behind it, so I’m feeling less skeptical about the quality of this one. But I will say that although I truly don’t have anything against Park Shin-hye, I find that I don’t much like the dramas she chooses. The one exception is “Father is Strange” but she […]

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