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Divorce Attorney Shin makes time for law and bromance

Divorce Attorney Shin makes time for law and bromance

The promos continue for JTBC’s Divorce Attorney Shin with a new batch of posters featuring our main quartet along with a new fun teaser that focuses on the bromantic trio.

The pianist turned lawyer Shin Sung-han – played by Jo Seung-woo (Sisyphus) – has been presented with a tough lawsuit, assisting radio DJ Han Hye-jin (Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset) with processing her divorce. But having had some life experience under their belts, our characters are hopeful that “this too shall pass” — and our hero’s journey is never lonely with his two friends Kim Sung-kyun (Grid) and Jung Moon-sung (The Good Detective 2) by his side.

The video teaser opens with another introduction to our protagonist, who says that he’s, “Shin Sung-han. Attorney Shin Sung-han. Talented at everything and a sexy… guy? Sexy man?” As his name and title are repeated in the captions, we transition to Jang Hyung-geun (Kim Sung-kyun), who is happy to be recruited as Sung-han’s new office manager. But Hyung-geun shows a little too much gratitude and Sung-han advises him to put that devotion into the actual job. The appearing text then lists both their names and titles.

As a half-exasperated Sung-han describes his friends as unsophisticated, dumb, and crazy, we’re taken to see Jo Jung-shik (Jung Moon-sung) who spies his two friends eating dinner without him. Skulking around the area, Jung-shik surmises where Sung-han’s law office will be opening and decides on the spot that he’ll set up a real estate business on the first floor. With that, two become three and the captions extend the list to include “Agent Jo Jung-shik.”

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Sung-han looks impressed with Jung-shik’s new setup and personal introduction: “The best real estate office, Jo Jung-shik Real Estate. I am CEO Jo Jung-shik.” But Jung-shik gets distraught, crying in fear about what might happen if he’s unable to pay rent in his own friend’s building. Sung-han reassures Jung-shik with a hug that he doesn’t have to pay rent and Hyung-geun cutely joins the hug as well. The appearing captions read: “Artist-lawyer Shin Sung-han and friends, and their lukewarm friendship.”

In the final sequence, we see our trio bantering and having fun, before closing on the group as they walk down a street together. Hyung-geun notes that Sung-han has the blood of an artist and is considered fairly handsome in their Seocho neighborhood. The teaser then ends on Sung-han’s refute that it’s not just the neighborhood, but the whole Seocho district.

Written by Yoo Young-ah (Thirty-Nine, Boyfriend) with PD Lee Jae-hoon (Run On, Chief Kim) directing, JTBC’s Divorce Attorney Shin is slated to air in two weeks on March 4.

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