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First look at Coupang Play’s superpowered Family Planning

First look at Coupang Play’s superpowered Family Planning

Coupang Play has released a sneak peek of the first script reading for the thriller Family Planning. The upcoming drama revolves around a family with superpowers and stars Bae Doona (The Silent Sea) as the mom, Ryu Seung-beom (Moving) as the dad, Baek Yoon-shik (Vagabong) as the grandpa, Lomon (Revenge of Others) as the son, and Lee Soo-hyun as the daughter.

Bae Doona’s character Han Young-soo is described as an affectionate mom, and from the brief glimpse shown, she seems to prefer solving matters herself, advising her kids to bring “them” home so she can take of it rather than make a scene. As for dad Baek Cheol-hee played by Ryu Seung-beom, he’s a timid man who hides his powers and, above all else, loves his wife. It appears that his approach to parenting leans more towards avoiding conflict as he tells his kids to not stand out in school and try to understand their peers.

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Playing grandpa Baek Kang-sung is Baek Yoon-shik — a prickly old man who acts gruff but actually cares for his family deep down. Even his lines from the script reading highlight his blunt personality as Grandpa Baek asks how someone in their right mind would pick a fight after seeing “their” ghost-like eyes.

Lastly, siblings Baek Ji-hoon (Lomon) and Baek Ji-woo (Lee Soo-hyun) are the seventeen-year-old children of the family, but the only thing they have in common seems to be their age. While Ji-hoon is warm and gentle, Ji-woo is prickly and sensitive. However, from the script reading, it seems that both kids care about others with Ji-hoon saying that they should solve their family’s problem first and Ji-woo telling someone to not give up after a few failures.

Directed by the filmmakers of On the Line Kim Gok and Kim Sun with scripts by Kim Jung-min (Hush, Suits), Coupang Play’s Family Planning began filming in December 2023 and will release later this year.

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