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French Media Compares TWICE Versus BLACKPINK

Source: Xports News

French news media LE1945 is under controversy for its insulting comparison of TWICE
The broadcast mentioned the explosive reaction of Blackpink’s new song ‘How You Like That‘ and stated, BLACKPINK suddenly came out with ‘How You like That’ and have surpassed BTS breaking BTS’ biggest 24hr YouTube record.”
Jane karda of Kpop Life stated, Blackpink is a special Kpop group that all’s about women and girl power while Twice is common because of their feminine concept.”

Twitter account “Kpop Predictions” tweeted about the controversial comments and was retweeted over 2,000 times. They stated, “M6 needs to apologize to twice. What’s wrong with cute concept. Why compare it like that?”
On the same day, Korean wave media AllKpop reported that “French News Channel under fire for their short documentary about BLACKPINK, ends up insulting TWICE
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  1. [+2,158, -221] I mean Blackpink’s song is gold and they can sing live while Twice can’t. Aren’t they just hitting them with the facts?
  2. [+1,575, -150] We can do a live match to prove it. Momo should go first.
  3. [+1,439, -178] She’s right though. Where’s the controversy?
  4. [+124, -15] Honestly, TWICE should just practice their singing. I was laughing when I heard their live. Are they a singing group or dance team?
  5. [+109, -49] I used to think Fin K.L were the worst singers until I saw Twice’s live on YouTube and went crazy. I was so shocked. This is the evils of capitalism. We should be ashamed as a country. 
  6. [+105, -16] If you can’t sing live you shouldn’t be called a singer
  7. [+99, -15] She’s spitting straight facts though. Just look at Blackpink’s records and recognition worldwide. 
  8. [+86, -22] Twice can’t even beat IZ*ONE’s encore stage with their poor vocals. 

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