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Ghosts say cheese for Joo-won at Midnight Studio

Ghosts say cheese for Joo-won at Midnight Studio

Welcoming more visitors with their newest teaser, photographer and owner Joo-won (Stealer – The Treasure Keeper) has opened ENA’s Midnight Studio (previously Midnight Photo Studio) for another day night of business to serve the dearly departed.

Expertly arranging their clientele by date of death, the teaser has assistant manager Yoo In-soo (Death’s Game) manning the queue, while new hire Eum Moon-seok (Good Job) switches on the sign and reports to boss Seo Ki-joo (Joo-won) that they’re ready to begin.

Our hero then greets their customer with professional ease. But despite his 20 years of experience – on top of his family’s long history of helping the dead – Ki-joo is only human and still gets a little jumpy around ghosts. It also doesn’t help that some spirits are not well-intentioned – nor do they care about Ki-joo’s personal space.

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Naturally, attorney Kwon Nara (Bulgasal – Immortal Souls) misunderstands Ki-joo’s strange behavior and is happy to leave a terrified Ki-joo trapped behind bars with the police. But the beknownst Han Bom (Kwon Nara) soon discovers that she can wield a magical force-field that repels ghosts, a safe zone that Ki-joo desperately needs.

Bom is then brought to Midnight Studio. But because employees Go Sung-ha (Yoo In-soo) and Baek Nam-gu (Eum Moon-seok) are ghosts, they hilariously can’t get too close. When asked what this place really is, Ki-joo explains to Bom that, “The people who come here don’t have a tomorrow. It’s a very long and dark night.” The teaser then closes as Bom joins their little team, helping different spirits with their final portrait.

Written by Kim Yi-rang with PD Song Hyun-wook (The Golden Spoon, The King’s Affection) at the helm, ENA’s new fantasy Midnight Studio is slated to premiere on March 11.

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