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Here’s Why TWICE’s ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ Isn’t Topping Korean Charts According To Netizens


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TWICE has officially dropped its comeback album ‘Eyes Wide Open,’ and it is spectacular! However, much to fans’ dismay, the track isn’t charting at the top of the Korean charts despite its success overseas.

In August, when news about TWICE came back was doing the rounds, JYP Entertainment responded by saying that details would be revealed when confirmed.

On September 25, Xportsnews reported that TWICE’s comeback date had been set for October 26. In response, JYP Entertainment confirmed, “TWICE is making a comeback on October 26. They are currently focused on preparing for their new album.”

Since this news broke out, fans have been losing their minds over all the charismatic and magical teasers, members concept photos, and schedules related to the comeback. Finally, the day has come, and TWICE has dropped their long-awaited album, ‘Eyes Wide Open.’

The elaborate and gorgeous music video marked the comeback for ‘I Can’t Stop Me.’ The music video carried callbacks to most of their previous concepts but still has a fresh vibe that is characteristic of TWICE. The members look gorgeous as ever, and the visuals are as always perfectly balanced with the background. Vocals and choreography as perfection incarnate, and it also exhibits TWICE’s development and growth over all these years.

The other tracks in the album include Hell In Heaven, Up to No More, Do What We Like, Bring It Back, Believer, Queen, Go Hard, Shot Clock, Handle It, Depend On You, Say Something, ing and Behind The Mask. The album has been released on all music streaming platforms and is already racking up the numbers. As such, it is sure to land records and break some TWICE’s own.

On October 28, 2020, JYP Entertainment shared that “Eyes wide open” has risen to the top of iTunes Top Albums charts in at least 32 countries, including Singapore, Brazil, and Japan. This is the most number of countries that TWICE has topped the iTunes charts with an album. As a result, this is already breaking TWICE’s personal record!

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However, on the other hand, their success overseas is not being reflected in the Korean charts. As a matter of fact, their title track has been at the lowest position on Melon in the history of TWICE songs in a very long time. On October 28, 2020, at 8 PM KST, it was reported that ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ ranked at 29th on the Melon Charts.

Some Netizens believe that this is due to the strong competition between and between groups such as BLACKPINK and TWICE. Refund Sisters also takes top spots on Korean charts, especially for the members, including veteran singers like Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa. BTS, despite having long released ‘Dynamite,’ is still going strong on Korean charts. As such, the competition is unprecedented and pretty strong.

According to another set of fans, the difference is because TWICE has slightly changed their concept, deviating from their usual ‘cute’ image to a more ‘mature’ image. Having risen to popularity and gained the ‘national girl group’ title from these early cute concepts, Korean Netizens are not showing that enthusiastic reaction to the newer concept.

Either way, one cannot deny the quality of TWICE’s comeback, chart-topping, or not.


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