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ITZY’s Yuna Tried Denying Her Maknae Status But Yeji Was Not Having It

Although ITZY‘s Yuna normally embraces her maknae status, when Yeji declared her a perfect fit for the role Yuna was ready to deny it all the way. Except…the more she denied it, the more Yeji (and everyone else) was convinced Yuna 100% suits being the maknae!



In the latest episode of ITZY? ITZY!, Yeji and Yuna were chilling out backstage during the Gayo Daejejeon when Yeji suddenly voiced her thoughts on Yuna’s maknae status. According to Yeji, Yuna fits the role perfectly!

You really suit being the maknae.

— Yeji


Hearing that, Yuna immediately rebelled against Yeji’s words, even saying that she was much more like an unnie instead!

I don’t think so though. I’m totally like an unnie though!

— Yuna


The more Yuna fought against her maknae status, however, the more Yeji was convinced she truly does fit the maknae role and she couldn’t resist proving it to Yuna!

You’re totally the maknae! Our baby is the maknae! Our baby!

— Yeji


Looks like no matter how much Yuna may deny her maknae charms, Yeji knows the truth!

Source: Koreaboo

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