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Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 12.

Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 12. JTBC Stills 4

This episode aired on June 30th, 2020

Spoiler Alert…!  Go HERE, to see more!


In overall, what I liked the most of Sweet Munchies was how comforting it was. It was mostly because of Jung Il-woo’s cooking. He did such an amazing job… learning, looking for interesting dishes… he always puts in 150%, how inspiring!  I read that he even chose many accessories and accents for the set. I will be translating the recipes next and trying some too…

It was also visually very warm with lots of yellows and vintage aged colors.  Of all the sets I loved the Bistro, A Jin’s flat and the Broadcasting Company’s office where A Jin worked.

Acting wise, I thought everyone did a pretty good job…  Jung Il woo as Chef Park Jin-sung was the axis where all characters converged and he did an extraordinary job being that axis.  I really enjoyed the scenes between him and Hak-joo who had the impressive ability to fill the space with tension and passion barely uttering a word.  Ji-young was great in her role and did a great job for her first Korean drama!  Her character’s optimistic light side was so refreshing!

Loved the message about lying… and how it’s much better to bear those low moments with honesty and under one’s possibility.  He should have gotten another job plus an extra job… and negotiate his debt with the health institution.  And get his brother to work too… why should he bare it all?

But perhaps the best of this drama were the messages it sent out to the very conservative Korean society, and the world in the gay department.  I wish I could talk to a gay man and hear what he thought.  For me as a straight woman, I felt it true and respectful.  I loved the last line by the father… “Your life is yours to live.”

I read that the ratings for this drama went down, as it went along and the last episode had the lowest… and I wonder how much of it was because of the gay part in it. In YouTube, the videos with the two of them had very few likes when compared to Chef Park and A Jin. It’s sad if this the reason… but humanity has yet to learn to embrace difference.  Notice that I do not use the word tolerance… to tolerate is not enough.  We need to reflect deep within ourselves, and ask what is it that I dislike… that I fear of it?  It is part of GOD’s creation.  We are part of GOD’s creation.  When we reject, resist, divide, separate…we are denying our part in GOD’s creation.  We are all connected.

I also loved both the soup part (for personal reasons!) and the tunnel description in episode 12.  I love the getting adjusted, finding your bearings to deal with the darkness of the tunnel. So true… there is still light in the tunnel, and in you! and that light is what allows you to heal and then be able to wish for more light until you find the exit filled with light and you are ready to step out again.

What didn’t I like?  One thing I have learned lately is that one should not criticize.  They did the best they could I’m sure!  And in the middle of a pandemic… so Bravo!!! to the writer, the director and the cast and crew for making it through!

To Jung Il woo… I hope you walk away feeling happy and thankful for all you learned.  For all the beautiful messages of acceptance of difference you helped to convey with Hak-joo.  Always see the true light in all you do… Did I do the best in this situation?  Did my work help others in someway?  How did I treat the people around me? Praise, awards, ratings… these egoistic things melt away in the light of what truly matters.  Thank you for all the love you put into Sweet Munchies… it made my life sweeter in these bitter times!

And that’s a wrap!  A sweet wrapper left from the sweet munchies!

Jung Il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 12. Cr. JTBC Screen Captures by Fan 13. 152

Source: Jung Il Woo Delights

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