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Jung In-sun finds her DNA Lover in Choi Siwon

Jung In-sun finds her DNA Lover in Choi Siwon

What if love is written not in the stars, but in our genes? TV Chosun’s romantic comedy DNA Lover has released its first teaser, showcasing the rose-tinted research of our romantic scientist and the ideal man she dreams of.

Jung In-sun (Grand Shining Hotel) stars as the gene researcher Han So-jin, who opens our teaser with a dreamy proclamation: her perfect match, who will stay by her side forever, is engraved into her genes. So-jin’s so dedicated to her vision that she’s turned her entire bedroom window into a research board, complete with bright colors and whimsical doodles reminiscent of a middle school art project.

To find her so-called “DNA lover,” So-jin develops an app to facilitate connections between genetically-destined lovers. In the process, she crosses paths with the OB-GYN Shim Yeon-woo, played by Choi Siwon (Death’s Game). Despite his exceptional social skills that earn him no shortage of admirers, Yeon-woo has a firm boundary he refuses to let anyone cross. The moment his beau acts obsessively possessive, or attempts to bend him to their will, he dumps her without a moment’s hesitation.

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That might spell bad news for the geeky So-jin and her image of the perfect sweetheart, but our heroine is driven by an earnest determination. “Welcome to Han So-jin’s experiment world!” she squeals in delight, even as a devastated Yeon-woo wails over the jigsaw puzzle she just ruined. Whoops. Still, in spite of their differences, the serene Yeon-woo can’t help but feel drawn to So-jin’s bubbly energy. Perhaps the secret to romantic destiny really does lie in one’s DNA after all.

Apart from our scientifically-proven match, we also have second leads to twist up the love lines. Lee Tae-hwan (Thirty-Nine) plays the flower boy firefighter Seo Kang-hoon, who holds So-jin as his number one priority. The moment she calls, he’s dropping everything to answer instantly. On the contrary, Yeon-woo’s ex-lover Jang Mi-eun — played by Jung Yoo-jin (Celebrity) — approaches romance with an open mind and a free spirit, which she imbues into her polyamory advice column. “A woman who expects everything from only one man is bound to get hurt,” Mi-eun declares. Will her belief hold true, or will the devoted So-jin prove her wrong?

Directed by PD Sung Chi-wook (Tomorrow) with scripts by Jung Su-mi (Born Again), DNA Lover will premiere on August 17.

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