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Junho pays to save the world as Netflix’s Cashero

Junho pays to save the world as Netflix’s Cashero

Netflix announced that a new team of superheroes is on their way to dramaland, with Junho (King the Land) suiting up for a wacky fantasy-action as our titular character Cashero.

While we all understand that money means power, our ordinary and stalwart Cashero (Junho) – a.k.a. Kang Sang-woong – is ironically cursed blessed with a gift (and alias) that takes the adage very literally. You see, our hero can wield super strength, but the power level depends on the amount of money he holds in his hand – which then disappears after he uses that strength. It would have been quite nice if Sang-woong was a chaebol king. But alas, he’s not actually made of money and his bank account dwindles whenever the world needs saving.

Thankfully, though, Sang-woong has help from Kim Hye-joon (A Shop for Killers) playing his long-time girlfriend Kim Min-sook. Ever the pragmatist, Min-sook is particularly adept when it comes to numbers and instinctively started plugging the math when she’s first told about Sang-woong’s powers. But despite thinking that it’s not the most sensible idea – especially considering all the money it requires – Min-sook wholeheartedly encourages her boyfriend and will always be Cashero’s biggest supporter.

Already, there’s so much to unpack with social commentary in this short set-up. But it gets even better with the second lead roles. Kim Byung-chul’s (Doctor Cha) character is Byun Ho-in (meaning “lawyer” in Korean) who – surprise, surprise – is a super lawyer, but his abilities only activate when he’s drinking alcohol. As the self-designated head of Korea’s Superpower Association, Ho-in enlists Cashero to join the battle against our story’s ~mysterious~ criminal group.

Last but not least, the main foursome also includes Kim Hyang-gi (Secret Playlist) in the role of the fearless Bang Eun-mi. Her nickname is Bbang-mi (as in “bread”), which is similar enough to her name. But of course it’s also because bread is the fuel for our gruff and tough heroine’s fighting power, making her another worthy member of our oddball super team.

On the production side, Netflix’s Cashero has PD Lee Chang-min (Agency, Woohoo Waikiki) at the helm, with the Sisyphus duo, Lee Jae-in and Jeon Chan-ho, co-writing the scripts for this webtoon adaptation.

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