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Lee Young-ae is on the prowl in new teaser for JTBC’s Inspector Gu

Lee Young-ae is on the prowl in new teaser for JTBC’s Inspector Gu

A new video teaser has been released for JTBC’s upcoming crime comedy Inspector Gu, featuring lead actor Lee Young-ae (Saimdang, Light’s Diary) along with the supporting cast.

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Based on the BBC original series Killing Eve, Lee Young-ae takes on the central role of Inspector Gu – an eccentric private investigator who plays by her own rules. Although her approach may seem unconventional, she is committed to every case and her instincts always point her in the right direction towards the culprit.

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In the newly released teaser, we get to see some of the fun dynamics of her team which includes Kwak Sun-young (Hospital Playlist 2) and Jo Han-chul (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha) among others.

Right from the open, we see a frustrated Kwak carrying and dragging a half-unconscious (and possibly drunk) Lee Young-ae. It cuts to Lee telling her teammates to freeze as she examines the evidence laid out on an table. With the appearing text screens, the narrator (voice actor Kang Soo-jin) explains who she is: “She’s not a crazy person, she’s just trying to capture a criminal. She’s a detective!”

In a sequence of shots, we see Lee Young-ae on the hunt, interrogating possible witnesses, and piecing together clues. The narrator continues, “When others are at ease, she alone is suspicious. Gu Kyung-yi is coming!” and he reads out the ensuing text screens, “It has been awakened! The detective’s intuition!”

We jump to a coastline where police are searching a crime scene. Lee Young-ae peers at them through a broken fence as she receives a briefing of the situation over the phone. The man tells her, “It’s a serial murder case with no evidence and no suspects.” Lee tries to imagine and act out how the murders happened on her teammates, who are taken aback by her fake attacks.

In a parody of a vigilante hero shot, we see Lee Young-ae standing on a rooftop at night and surveying the small neighborhood intersection. The narrator introduces the drama as a “Hardboiled action-comedy,” and that “In the end, there is only one truth.” As we’re shown the drama’s title card, he announces again, “Gu Kyung-yi!”

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The clip comes to a close on the team cleaning up their office while Lee Young-ae drinks and lounges on an armchair. She slurs in frustration at one of her rookies, but he doesn’t understand what she’s saying. Her more experienced members translate for him, “I don’t know why this kid is on our team.”

Written by Sung Cho-yi and directed by PD Lee Jung-heum (Nobody Knows, Falsify), Inspector Gu premieres October 30 and will be airing weekends on JTBC.

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