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Meet villain Byun Woo-seok in Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon

Meet villain Byun Woo-seok in Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon

The latest teaser for Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon has taken a different angle from the previous two, this time putting the spotlight on our show’s villain. The greedy CEO Byun Woo-seok (Moonshine) faces off against our three generations of strong ladies: Lee Yumi (Mental Coach Jegal), Kim Jung-eun (My Dangerous Wife), and Kim Hae-sook (Revenant).

The teaser opens on the tuxedo-clad Ryu Shi-oh (Byun Woo-seok) giving a smug speech to a group of wealthy investors, offering them a gift of “another world’s happiness.” While the specifics of what he wanted/offered in this deal are unclear, the effects are quickly obvious: Gangnam has become overrun with rampant crime. But not to fear! Our family trio are ready to take this matter into their own superpowered hands. Just like strong-mom Hwang Geum-joo (Kim Jung-eun) tells her daughter Kang Nam-soon (Lee Yumi) and mother Gil Joong-gan (Kim Hae-sook) in the voiceover, “Korea is no longer a drug-free nation. Let’s save the world.”

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The onscreen text tells us it’s a battle between those who “want to give away the happiness of another world” versus those who “want to save their current world.” Then we cut to shots of the ladies’ takedown operation: Geum-joo sizing up Shi-oh in a glare-off, Nam-soon pretending to be a police officer to access files, and Shi-oh frustratedly punching a wall in a very curse you Perry the Platypus! moment. While he may not have expected three average women to waylay his plans, he’s definitely not going to take this lying down (more specifically, nor while doing shirtless headstand pushups).

Thankfully for our ladies, they’ll also have the go-getter police officer Ong Sung-woo (Would You Like a Cup of Coffee) in their corner. In the last few scenes, Geum-joo recruits him with an envelope of money and a voiceover promise that, “I am going to use my strength to make this world a place worth living.” Will our ladies successfully outmuscle Shi-oh’s devious plan? Tune in to find out.

Written by Baek Mi-kyung (Mine) and directed by Kim Jung-shik (So Not Worth It) and Lee Kyung-shik, Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon will premiere on October 7 on JTBC.

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