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Minah haunts Yoon Chan-young’s taxi in ENA’s Delivery Man

Minah haunts Yoon Chan-young’s taxi in ENA’s Delivery Man

ENA has released a new video teaser for Delivery Man, hinting at a backstory that ties Yoon Chan-young (All of Us Are Dead) and Minah (My Absolute Boyfriend) together – in addition to our first glimpse (finally!) of Kim Min-seok (Lovestruck in the City).

When our young taxi driver Seo Young-min (Yoon Chan-young) becomes buddied with the memory-less ghost of Kang Ji-hyun (Minah), the two embark on a new business plan together – servicing ghosts instead of humans.

Money is Young-min’s motivation as he’s currently in danger of losing his home, while the compassionate Ji-hyun wants to help ghosts like herself and discover her identity along the way.

Also part of the team is Dr. Do Kyu-jin (Kim Min-seok), who wants to help the dying patients in his ER. All the while, police officer Ji Chang-seok – played by Kim Seung-soo (Three Brave Siblings) – is looking into Ji-hyun’s murder case.

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The new teaser opens with Young-min turning to the Internet forums, seeking advice about a ghost passenger. He then gets spooked while reading one of the replies (from Cheongdamdong’s Flower Boy Young Master, hah): “Be careful. Because of that ghost, other ghosts might come. The spirit door has now been opened…”

Ji-hyun tries to get sympathy, explaining that she doesn’t remember anything, including who she is. But Young-min isn’t moved by her sob story because her presence is scaring off all his (human) customers. Thus, Ji-hyun proposes an idea that might help, “What you need right now is money. Ghosts can pay you money as well.” In the intermittent text screens, we read: “A taxi that attracts ghosts? A ghost-only taxi!”

Celebrating their business success, Young-min marvels that this is why you need something unique. This leads him to wonder, though, if they should test the boundary that binds Ji-hyun to his taxi. But, as it turns out, it’s not the car. Ji-hyun’s spirit is pulled to Young-min himself and cue the accidental kiss. In the appearing text screens, we read: “A wild duo’s otherworldly and high tension investigative story.”

While helping her up, Young-min notices that Ji-hyun has his dead mother’s taxi hair-tie on her wrist. The teaser then cuts to Kyu-jin trying to save a patient while Chang-seok continues his investigation. As we flashback to the crime scenes, he thinks aloud that, “Two people who know each other both died that day.” The teaser then closes on Ji-hyun’s reassuring remark that the culprit will be caught.

Written by Joo Hyo-jin with directing helmed by PD Kang Sol and PD Park Dae-hee, ENA’s Delivery Man will be launching on March 1, following Strangers Again in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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