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New promos for Woori the Virgin with Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon, and Shin Dong-wook

New promos for Woori the Virgin with Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon, and Shin Dong-wook

As we race towards the premiere next week, SBS’s Woori the Virgin has released more promos including posters and a video teaser.

Adapted from the American CW show Jane the Virgin, Im Soo-hyang (When I Was the Most Beautiful) plays our heroine Woori. Through a crazy mistake at the hospital, Im is unknowingly put through artificial insemination and finds herself pregnant even though she’s still a virgin. Naturally, this throws a wrench in her relationship with boyfriend Shin Dong-wook (Reflection of You). Adding to complications, we also have to consider the sperm doner Sung Hoon (Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2), who remains unaware that he has now fathered a child.


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The new video teaser begins with Im Soo-hyang unexpectedly catching the bride’s bouquet at a wedding. Lee Do-yeon (Bring It On, Ghost) reassures Im that she already has a dream romance with Shin Dong-wook, Im’s first and will-be-last love of her life. In the sequence, though, we see Shin’s mixed signals and Im disagrees with Lee, “It would have been perfect if my first kiss hadn’t been with that other man.” Surprised, Lee demands to know more, “There was someone else besides Kang-jae that you had your first kiss with!? Who!?”

Enter Sung Hoon running into Im Soo-hyang, and he asks her if they’ve met before and if it was at a club. Annoyed that Sung doesn’t remember, Im grumbles to herself afterwards that she was stupid for feeling conflicted about him. Dancing down the stairs, Sung gleefully presents divorce papers to his wife Hong Ji-yoon (My Country: The New Age) and Hong stresses afterwards, wondering how she can change his mind.

Sung Hoon explains his reason, “I felt like there might be someone I was tied to by destiny’s string.” We then cut to Im Soo-hyang suddenly fainting and doctor Hwang Woo-seul-hye (Uncle) solemnly confirms that she’s pregnant. While Im sits frozen in shock, the teaser comes to a close as mom Hong Eun-hee (Revolutionary Sisters) rages at the hospital staff, “You conducted an artificial insemination procedure on my child!”

With writing and directing both helmed by Jung Jung-hwa (The Wind Blows, The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot), SBS rom-com Woori the Virgin premieres May 9.



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