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News bites: April 2, 2022

1. I’m gonna be honest, other than Gong Hyo-jin, the people I’m really excited for are the supporting cast of Han Ji-eun and Oh Jung-se. I’ve already mourned elsewhere on this site that I’d rather see a Gong Hyo-jin + Oh Jung-se pairing than the one we’re getting, but oh well. We can’t always have the things we want.

2. Complete opposite feelings on this pairing: I LOVE IT. And it’s by the writer of Do You Like Brahms?, which gave me one of my favourite OTPs in recent years? I’m here for it.

3. I hope this is the great Ji Chang-wook redemption I’ve been waiting years for. If not that, then at least we’ll get a lovely Choi Sung-eun and a Hwang In-yeop who’s not dating his former attorney/professor.

4. Doesn’t matter who they cast. They’re not recapturing the sheer brilliance and magic of the original. End of story.

5. I love both actors, so nothing to complain about.

6. Is it the same Lee Joo-young from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju and Itaewon Class? Because I don’t remember her being in School Nurse Files.

7. When will Jung Eun-chae get the leading role she deserves?

8/9. The promos look fun!


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