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News bites: June 10, 2024

News bites: June 10, 2024

  • A new poster has dropped for Disney+’s action-melo Red Swan, dragging daughter-in-law Kim Haneul (Nothing Uncovered) and her bodyguard Rain (Ghost Doctor) into the shattering feuds over succession in our story’s chaebol family. The battle begins next month on July 3, with production for the series led by PD Park Hong-kyoon (Hwayugi) and writer Choi Yoon-jung. [MBC]
  • Seo Kang-joon (Grid) has confirmed casting for his first post-army project, turning into a government agent disguised as a student for MBC’s Undercover High School (working title). Slated to air in 2025, the action-comedy will put him on the hunt for King Gojong’s missing gold treasure, with PD Choi Jung-in (Knight Flower) at the helm and scripts by Im Young-bin (Bad Prosecutor). [MBC]
  • More character stills have come out for tvN’s The Auditors, where company vice president Jin Gu (Shadow Detective) ponders the all-important question, to bun or not to bun. Also starring Shin Ha-kyun (Evilive), Lee Jung-ha (Moving), and Jo Ah-ram (Doctor Cha), the office comedy premieres on July 6 in the weekend slot. [News]

  • Jin Seon-gyu (The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch) has reportedly been cast in The Price of Confession, acting alongside Jeon Do-yeon (Crash Course in Romance), Kim Go-eun (Little Women), and Park Hae-soo (Narco-Saints) if all the stars align. The crime-mystery is still in the planning stages, with PD Lee Jung-hyo (Doona, Crash Landing on You) attached to direct. [Star News]
  • Kim Min-jung (The Devil Judge) is returning to dramaland with a special appearance in Channel A’s fictional sageuk, Check-in Hanyang. Starring Bae In-hyuk (The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract), Kim Ji-eun (Branding in Seongsu), Jung Geon-joo (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse), and Jaechan (Semantic Error), production is being led by PD Myung Hyun-woo (Grand Shining Hotel) and writer Park Hyun-jin. [Xports News]
  • Promos continue on Netflix’s upcoming The Whirlwind, with tensions rising between Sol Kyung-gu (The Boys, Kill Boksoon) and Kim Hee-ae (Queenmaker) in the latest batch of stills. The 12-episode political thriller releases this month on June 28, with directing helmed by PD Kim Yong-wan (If You Wish Upon Me) and Park Kyung-soo (Whisper, Punch) penning the scripts. [News1]


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