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Premiere Watch: Jirisan, Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

Premiere Watch: Jirisan, Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

They might have given us a week off of new premieres, but this weekend sees two new shows — one a huge and long-awaited title, and the other a small niche show that sounds warm and comforting. With mountain rescues, fires, and dire straits in our future, we might just come to rely on a cute boy and a healing coffee shop to keep us centered.



Time slot: Saturday & Sunday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Mystery, thriller, crime, fantasy
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: It feels like we’ve been waiting for Jirisan since, well, forever. Ever since the initial announcements, Jirisan has been full of Kingdom-y meta. It’s not only written by screenwriter Kim Eun-hee (responsible for all the Kingdom scripts) but also stars Kingdom lead Joo Ji-hoon, and Kingdom side-world lead Jun Ji-hyun as the main characters. There won’t be zombies (I think…), but from the surprisingly action-packed trailers we’ve seen, there will still be life-threatening situations all around. So either way you shake it, these two will be running for their lives — and looking good doing it. I’m a big fan of both leads (not to mention our supporting cast of greats like Sung Dong-il and Oh Jung-se), so even if the story might not feel like a go-to genre, I’m here for it.


Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?


Time slot: Thursday & Sunday
Broadcaster: KakaoTV
Genre: Healing, human
Episode count: 12

Reasons to watch: This one completely flew under my radar, but they pretty much had me at “coffee” (just typing the word makes me want another cup). This little drama promises to be a sweet, healing story that takes place in a coffee shop, and the posters and stills give off exactly those vibes — warm, cozy, and charming. Add in Ong Sung-woo as a young barista-in-training who studies under a master (Park Ho-san). Then add manhwa artist Heo Young-man (of Gaksital and Tazza), who also created this story/world. And… sold!



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