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Premiere Watch: Song of the Bandits

Premiere Watch: Song of the Bandits

Time slot: Friday (single drop)
Broadcaster: Netflix
Genre: Action, historical
Episode count: 9

Reasons to watch: Netflix’s next original series takes us back to the 1920s during the Japanese occupation, but we’re one-upping the freedom fighter motif with Old West-style bandits. With Kim Nam-gil and Yoo Jae-myung leading the fray, we also have Seohyun as a double agent of sorts, also fighting for freedom (and looking beautiful while doing it). On the baddie side of things, there’s born-to-be-bad Lee Hyun-wook as the officer after our hero, and the lovely Lee Ho-jung as the assassin who will try to put an end to the pesky bandits. While the costuming and art direction look amazing, and the drama looks like a fun romp, I’m not yet entirely sold on Netflix’s portrayal of the era, nor its commitment to the high-budget action sequences. There’s a fine line between historical adventure romp and campy train wreck, so I’m hoping we veer towards the former.

TL;DR: Kim Nam-gil tears it up as a freedom-loving bandit in the 19020s


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