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RIIZE’s Anton Stops Fans In Their Tracks With His Hot AF Real Life Visuals In Pop-Up Store Event

RIIZE‘s Anton is gaining attention for his stunning appearance!

RIIZE’s Anton

On June 14, the SM Entertainment boy group visited their “RIIZING” pop-up store at Starfield Suwon, Gyeonggi Province. Needless to say, Anton shocked fans with his flawless visuals.

image (5)

He had a cool, laidback aura that was a complete change from his usual adorable self.

image (6)


Posts about him from the event gained thousands of likes in just a few hours.

Fans collectively agreed that he was heart-stopping, saying that “His face card is too strong” and that he has “the face of the century.”

They also agreed that he was “gorgeous” and “so handsome.”

It’s no surprise that they were so enamored!

Source: theqoo


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