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Seo Hyun-jin has her eyes on success in new promos for SBS’s Why Her

Seo Hyun-jin has her eyes on success in new promos for SBS’s Why Her

New promos have been released for SBS’s upcoming legal drama Why Her? including posters and a video teaser.

Driven by what happened in the past, the story has Seo Hyun-jin (You Are My Spring) as a callous and ambitious lawyer who is determined to rise to the top of her field. When a setback forces her to take on a teaching position at a law school, there she encounters law student Hwang In-yub (The Sound of Magic). Even if the world is against Seo, Hwang resolves to stay by her side and protect her at all costs.

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The newly released teaser begins with Seo Hyun-jin putting on her game face and proudly walking through the press as she declares, “The first female managing partner in one of the top ten law firms in the nation. My dream is to go all the way to the very top and I’m halfway there.” Newly appointed as a law professor, Seo introduces herself to the class by writing her name on the chalkboard – drawing the attention of both Hwang In-yub and Bae In-hyuk (At a Distance, Spring Is Green).

We then cut to Seo Hyun-jin taking a phone call while splattered in blood and a woman cries, “You killed my older sister!” Seo meets with Heo Jun-ho (Snowdrop) afterwards, defending her situation to him, “My weakness is your weakness as well.” The two shake on the deal and Heo tells her, “I will give you a taste of career success and power that you haven’t had before.”

But Hwang In-yub worries over Seo Hyun-jin, “Why is this happening to you? What kind of world do you live in?” and confesses that he likes her. When the school bulletin is vandalized with hateful posters of Seo Hyun-jin, Hwang and Bae In-hyuk work together to take them down. In a final sequence, we see Hwang running after Seo while Bae appears upset. Meanwhile Heo sits in his office with a drink and we end on a smug Seo Hyun-jin who says, “Did you really think you could become a match for me?”

Written by Kim Ji-eun and directed by PD Park Soo-jin, SBS drama Why Her? premieres next month on June 3.

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