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Seo Ye-ji bets her life on revenge in new promos for tvN’s Eve

Seo Ye-ji bets her life on revenge in new promos for tvN’s Eve

With the premiere now just a week away, more promos have been released for tvN’s melodrama Eve including new posters and a video teaser.

The story has Seo Ye-ji (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay) planning an intricate revenge plot, which has been in the making for 13 long years. One of her targets is the top-ranking business executive Park Byung-eun (Human Disqualification) who has been caught in Seo’s clutches hook, line, and sinker.

Suffice to say, Park’s high-profile wife Yoo Sun (Hush) is none too pleased when she discovers that her husband’s heart has strayed. All the while, politician Lee Sang-yub (On the Verge of Insanity) recognizes Seo Ye-ji from his past and feels compelled to protect her.

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The newest teaser begins with Park Byung-eun looking conflicted as he hesitantly holds Seo Ye-ji’s hand. Seo reassures Park, “I know you want me. It’s driving you crazy.” The intermittent text screens introduce the back story: “13 years of planning,” and “Risking life to take revenge.”

As Park Byung-eun gives in and embraces Seo Ye-ji, we flashback to a younger Seo. Gripping the railing with her bloody hand, Seo vows to take revenge, “I’m going to pull you all into the same fires of hell that I’m burning in right now.” In the closing sequence, we get a quick glimpse of Yoo Sun and Lee Sang-yub before the teaser ends on an upset Park Byung-eun.

On the production side for Eve, PD Park Bong-seop (Steal My Heart, The Uncanny Counter) is at the helm with scripts penned by Yoon Young-mi (Nice Witch, Birth of a Beauty). Coming to our screens on May 25, the drama will be airing in tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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