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Song Kang faces the reality of marriage in new teaser

Song Kang faces the reality of marriage in new teaser

Marriage, even the contract kind, is not all the butterflies and rainbows it’s made out to be. That’s something our demon Song Kang (Forecasting Love and Weather) comes to learn as he navigates his new post-nuptial life with Kim Yoo-jung (Lovers of the Red Sky) in the latest teaser for SBS’s drama My Demon.

The teaser opens on the wedding of our smiling leads Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) and Jung Gu-won (Song Kang) walking down the aisle. While all seems happy on the surface, the voiceover is of someone questioning Gu-won why he’s getting hitched: “You said marriage was a crazy thing to do. Why are you doing it now?”

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As explanation, we cut to Do-hee and Gu-won signing their marriage contract, where their motivations are laid out: somehow Gu-won’s power-granting tattoo has transferred onto Do-hee’s wrist, rendering him powerless except for when he’s in contact with her tattoo. Thus, in a symbiotic way, the marriage gives Gu-won 24/7 access to Do-hee’s tattoo and gives Do-hee access to Gu-won’s godlike powers of protection.

We’re then shown a metaphorical picture of how married life is for the both of them. Do-hee lovingly offers Gu-won a spoon of her beautiful homemade cake, and Gu-won eagerly takes a bite. And gags at the taste. The message is clear: being married is no cakewalk. We get scenes of Gu-won’s rude awakening of the realities of marriage, with Do-hee throwing out his mound of precious belongings overrunning her apartment or scaring him with a horror show greeting when he comes home late.

Still, Gu-won admits in the voiceover, there are perks to marriage. For example, having Do-hee the tattoo around him constantly is a big relief, as we see the both of them post-shower getting ready for bed. Gu-won asks Do-hee if she’s headed to sleep, and after she retorts with the charged, “What are you going to do if I’m not?” we cut to the two of them lying in bed together… her wrist in his hand… all in the name of science. *contract marriage veterans everywhere smirk* Okay kids. Do whatever you got to do.

Written by Choi Ah-il (Mr. Queen) and directed by Kim Jang-han (You Raise Me Up), My Demon will premiere on November 24 on SBS.

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