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Taecyeon brings Won Ji-ahn home in Heartbeat’s new teaser

Taecyeon brings Won Ji-ahn home in Heartbeat’s new teaser

A campy new teaser has arrived for KBS’s upoming fantasy romance Heartbeat, taking us for another spin in our undead hero’s past and revealing more of the backstory that brings our leads – Taecyeon (Blind) and Won Ji-ahn (If You Wish Upon Me) – to meet.

Dropping us right into a Joseon chase sequence in the woods, the teaser begins with our half-vampire Seon Woo-hyul (Taecyeon) desperately trying to escape with Yoon So-hee (Peng). In voiceover, we hear the command given to Woo-hyul’s pursuers: “Find the man who stands in the boundary between humankind and vampires. His blood will give you eternal life. If you drink his blood, you will be reborn immortal.”

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Finding themselves surrounded, Woo-hyul unleashes his game face and claws, and flies away with Hae-sun (Yoon So-hee) into the skies. But when a shooting arrow pulls them back to the ground, Hae-sun dies gasping, “We will be able to meet again. I’ll find you.” Although Woo-hyul mourns, his vampire instincts can’t seem to resist her blood.

We then skip ahead to the 1920s, where our hero learns from Kim In-kwon (Kokdu: Season of Deity) that: “They say you can become human if you sleep for a 100 years in a coffin made from a hawthorn tree.” Dressed to impress in a fine white suit, Woo-hyul then settles in for the beauty sleep of his life.

Alas, just one measly day before 100 years are up, our heroine Joo In-hae (Won Ji-ahn) stumbles across the dusty coffin among her late father’s possessions. Shocked by Woo-hyul, who quickly awakes, In-hae asks if he’s really a vampire. Woo-hyul extends his hand to help her to her feet and the teaser closes on another giggle-worthy line: “Let’s go home.”

Premiering on June 26 in the Monday-Tuesday slot, KBS’s Heartbeat is co-written by Kim Ha-na and Jung Seung-joo, with PD Lee Hyun-seok (Hello? It’s Me, The King’s Affection) and PD Lee Min-soo (The Stain) at the helm.

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