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Nayeon Expresses How TWICE Made Her A Better Person

Even though all the members weren’t close when the group first debuted five years ago, TWICE eventually became comfortable with one another. Thanks to all the growth they’ve experienced together and pushed each other towards, Nayeon revealed her members had transformed her into a better person. Advertisements They taught her valuable lessons that she couldn’t have learned […]

TWICE Takes Over The Charts Worldwide And Sets Records With “MORE & MORE”

When TWICE dropped their latest MORE & MORE album, they expressed their hopes that everyone would enjoy the new album as well as their new concept. Everyone doesn’t just enjoy it, however, they absolutely love it! Advertisements Returning with their 9th mini-album on June 1, marking their first comeback in 9 months, TWICE proved once […]

TWICE – SHADOW (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: 트와이스 (TWICE)Song: SHADOW (English Translation)Album: MORE & MOREYear: 2020 Lyrics: Advertisements Even when it hurts, I pretend to be fine, pretend to be a grown upHide the real meWithout even having time to ask if this is actually okayIf this is something normal The feet that have slowed down from fatigueThis night that has […]

TWICE – SWEET SUMMER DAY (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: 트와이스 (TWICE)Song: SWEET SUMMER DAY (English Translation)Album: MORE & MOREYear: 2020 Lyrics: Advertisements Yo aayy sweet summer day heyYou ready?Let’s go anywhere Let’s goAnywhere we set foot on is beautifulDon’t matter (Oh yeah)so sweet sweet sweetThe burning sun and the cool windWhat do you want more? Say it Say yeah Just for today, I […]

TWICE – DON’T CALL ME AGAIN (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: 트와이스 (TWICE)Song: DON’T CALL ME AGAIN (English Translation)Album: MORE & MOREYear: 2020 Lyrics: Advertisements 3A.M. Yet again Don’t call me againPlease stop already Don’t call me againYour apologies full of predictable stories and excuses againI’m not going to accept them Don’t call me again I don’t want youDon’t miss youHow much simpler do I […]

TWICE – MAKE ME GO (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: 트와이스 (TWICE)Song: MAKE ME GO (English Translation)Album: MORE & MOREYear: 2020 Lyrics: Advertisements You who’re standing far awayAlready feels close in this momentThe guarded eyes full of fear towards meIt’s okay, don’t worryI want to hold your shaking handsYou already know that you want me Love me love me nowLove me love me goodDon’t […]

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