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Tag: English Translation

Motte & Yoonhan – My Story (English Version)

My Story (English Ver.) Album My Story Genre Ballad Release Date July 23, 2022 Language Korean 모트 & 윤한 (Motte & Yoonhan) – My Story (English Ver.) Lyrics Let me tell you a storyHaven’t heardfrom nobody beforegonna feel little bit sorryAre you gonnabe worried about meMaybeSomeday you’ll knowYou’ll understandwhat I’m trying to saySo let me […]

TXT – Valley of Lies (Feat. iann dior)

Valley of Lies (Feat. iann dior) Album Valley of Lies Genre Rap/Hip Hop Release Date July 22, 2022 Language English 투모로우바이투게더 (TXT) – Valley of Lies (Feat. iann dior) Lyrics Through the valley of liesThrough the valley of lies Advertisements I’m walking through the valley of liesI see a coffin, perfect fit for my sizeThey […]

The Volunteers – New Plant

New Plant Album New Plant Genre Rock Release Date July 12, 2022 Language English 더 발룬티어스 (The Volunteers) – New Plant LyricsUnsolved casesReturn to basicsTime to start chasingAfter a long waittill the morning The fame when you lost itRegain your self-controlStart growing a new plantin your head Advertisements When all your friends are goneSwallow your […]

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