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Podcast #104: Fangirling over Twogether

Jasper Liu and Lee Seung Gi go on the ultimate bromance tour of Asia in order to meet their fans and we can’t get enough. Join Kmuse & Kdrama Jen as the fall in love with the new variety show Twogether. You can also find us on: iTunes Google Play Spotify Stitcherå Twitter: @amberkmuse @DramasKimchi […]

“Traveler” Cast Kang Ha Neul, Ahn Jae Hong, And Ong Seong Wu Talk About 1st Impressions

The “Traveler” trio talked about their trip to Argentina! Kang Ha Neul, Ahn Jae Hong, and Ong Seong Wu star in the new season of JTBC’s reality show “Traveler,” and they bonded as they took a trip together in Argentina. On February 13, they answered questions from fans via a live broadcast. When asked to name […]

FOX Producing American Version Of “I Can See Your Voice” With Host Ken Jeong

Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice” is continuing to go global! “I Can See Your Voice” features contestants who perform songs, and the panelists have to guess which contestants are “good” singers who are singing live and which ones are “bad” singers who are lip syncing. Those who are predicted to be “bad” singers are eliminated, and they then proceed to show […]

“2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships – New Year Special” To Air Over 3 Days This Year

MBC’s “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships” has officially confirmed its broadcast plans for this year’s Lunar New Year special! On January 20, MBC announced that the upcoming “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships – New Year Special” will air over three days this year instead of two. The highly-anticipated special will air in three parts on […]

Watch: “Running Man” Members Laugh And Cry As They Get Their Fortunes Told For 2020 In New Preview

SBS’s “Running Man” has released a fun sneak peek of next week’s episode! On January 19, the variety show aired a new preview for its upcoming episode, which will feature the cast members getting their fortunes told for 2020. The clip begins with a fortuneteller predicting what Yoo Jae Suk can expect from the year […]

MAMAMOO’s Solar Explains Why She Auditioned For Nearly Every Agency Except SM

MAMAMOO’s Solar talked about her pre-debut days on the latest episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”! During the January 17 broadcast of the KBS 2TV music talk show, host Yoo Hee Yeol asked Solar how she ended up becoming a singer. The MAMAMOO leader replied, “By chance, I happened to be singing [at an event] […]

Jun So Min Shocks “Running Man” Cast By Kissing Yang Se Chan In His Gorilla Costume

Jun So Min took her relationship with Yang Se Chan to the next level on “Running Man”! During the January 12 episode of the SBS variety show, Jun So Min and Yang Se Chan’s will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic continued to invite the merciless teasing of their fellow cast members. Early on in the episode, Jun So Min faced […]

Watch: “Master In The House” Members Are Not Ready For Intense Cheerleading Mission In New Preview

The “Master in the House” members are taking their cheerleading skills to the next level! On January 12, the variety show aired a preview of next week’s episode, which will feature the five members performing with the national cheerleading team at an official basketball game. The preview begins with the members running into a basketball court wearing their […]

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