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Addicted to Korean Stuff? These 5 Korean Houseware Goods Are Must-Haves!

(Photo : Amazon) [ story continues below ] Thanks to the Hallyu effect, Korean products – whether for beauty, lifestyle, music, food, and even home appliances – are embraced globally, influencing many people’s lives. Even simply houseware items have become popular in the market and being patronized by people overseas.  And if you’re one of […]

Female K-pop Stars Share Their Secrets For Achieving Flawless Glass Skin

Female Korean idols are known for their unwavering talents and visuals — petite figure, charming eyes, and flawless glass skin while hitting hight notes and moving gracefully. In addition, K-pop idols have gradually earned a steady cult following worldwide that even though international fans may not know how to speak Korean, they sure can sing […]

Check Out These Skin Care Products to Achieve Korean Glass Skin!

South Koreans’ glass-looking skin is something every beauty enthusiast would love to achieve. While K-pop idols are lauded for their amazing talent as performers, they are also the standard of beauty because of their amazing glow. Glass-looking skin appearance can be achieved, according to some beauty experts, by using the products below! Read about it […]

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