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The Host Company of EXO Suho’s Recent Video Call Event Under Immense Fire After Losing A Fan’s Copy of Signed CD

Early April 2020, EXO’s Suho held a special video call event with fans in order to celebrate the release of his new album Self Portrait. Some lucky EXO-Ls got to receive a video call from Suho — plus a signed CD addressed to their names, a special handwritten message from Suho himself, and a photo card with Suho’s doodle.


On April 16, 2020, however, one of the EXO-Ls to have been selected for the event tweeted in a long thread that her copy of the signed CD has “been misplaced” by the host.


My copy of the signed album from Suho’s video call fan signing event has been misplaced by the company that hosted the event. The host apologized for their mistake and said they would keep looking for it but it has been a week since it went missing. Now the host is asking if I can’t be happy with a blank signed album without my name, my special message, and the personal doodle by Suho.

— Twitter @dyo01120402

The EXO-L explained, while the host kept responding in a reluctant manner, she has been losing sleep over the whereabouts of the lost CD.


Now that it has been a week, I don’t know if it would be possible to find the CD… The host didn’t reach out to me first so I had to call them to find out about what happened. The whole thing is causing me to lose productivity at work too. The host admitted that it was their fault for losing my copy, so how much more understanding do I have to be? All I want is to be able to read what Suho wrote in his special message for me. I don’t get why this is happening to me. I can’t sleep and I’m stressed. This was my first fan signing event so I spent a lot of money on it. I have been waiting for my signed CD to arrive the whole time. It makes me sad when the other EXO-Ls who received their copies share their messages from Suho. I wonder what he wrote for me.

— Twitter @dyo01120402

According to this EXO-L, the said “host” eventually tried to cover up their mistake…


The host claimed that ‘It would be difficult to get in touch with SM Entertainment again and get Suho to make a replacement one‘ and so it would be best if I could ‘take it easy on them this once.‘ But why me? That would be unfair to me. I wanted a signed CD with my name on it. I was so proud of it that I wanted it to be buried with me when I die. Where is my CD?

— Twitter @dyo01120402

… but she tried to remain calm in resolving this problem with them. Nothing came of the peaceful approach, however, and the discouraged EXO-L shared ended up sharing her story on Twitter.


I checked the mailing address multiple times. I invested a lot of money into this… but they can’t find my CD. Throughout this whole thing, I did not get upset with the host. I didn’t raise my voice, I didn’t curse. I kept telling the host that I only want my CD to arrive in my hands. I did not ask for refunds either. I tried to be the most composed EXO-L ever… I am brokenhearted though that I have to go through this. Someone please find me my album…

— Twitter @dyo01120402

Korean netizens believe the host is 100% responsible for sending this EXO-L a replacement with everything that the original would have included. 

  • “What the f*ck? Of course Suho would sign a replacement one. I think the host are being dicks because they don’t want people to find out they messed up… Take it easy on them, my god. What a bunch of assh*les.”
  • “I don’t get it? If they admitted it’s their fault, all they would have to do is go get a replacement.”
  • “This EXO-L should report this host to SM Entertainment. The artist probably doesn’t even know about any of this happening.”
  • “No, no, no. The host must get this EXO-L a replacement or refund her money spent to apply to this fan signing event. What are they trying to do, bribe her off with a blank signed CD? Bullsh*t.”
  • “The person who lost it is the one who needs to go get another one. End of discussion.”
  • “Why do I have a feeling that the person who lost is probably kept it for him/herself? I mean… I can’t believe a professional company would react like this, you know? The audacity they have to ask the fan to take it easy on them? What the f*ck.”
  • “I see what’s happening. The person who lost it is too scared to report her mistake and take it up with SM Entertainment again for a replacement. So he/she is trying to resolve this on his/her own by bullying the fan. No f*cking way man. EXO-Ls invest a lot of money into these fan events. He/she can’t get away with this.”

Neither the host nor SM Entertainment has responded to these tweets, but netizens remain hopeful that the thread gone viral will help resolving the issue soon.

Source: Koreaboo

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