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The struggle is real for Lee Se-young with two Bae In-hyuks

The struggle is real for Lee Se-young with two Bae In-hyuks

The premiere for The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is fast approaching and MBC has been busily pushing out the last round of promos, teasing us with the timeslip shenanigans and romance to come when our Joseon heroine Lee Se-young (The Law Cafe) re-meets hubby Bae In-hyuk (Cheer Up) in modern day.

With a flashback to their origins back in the 19th century, the newest teaser begins with our troubled Park Yeon-woo (Lee Se-young) who faces obstacle after obstacle. Her one beacon of hope had been her love – before he passed – encouraging her that, “You will become like a butterfly one day. No matter where you go or what you do. So please, just bear with me for today. You’ll soon be able to fly to wherever you want to go.” In the appearing text screens we then read, “I will go to your side, my husband?”

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But when Yeon-woo falls down a well, she wakes up 200 years in the future, where she first meets Kang Tae-ha (Bae In-hyuk). Our 21st century hero is not very kind, telling Yeon-woo plainly, “I’m not your husband and have no intention of being called that.” (Uh huh, that’s what you say.) Although Tae-ha’s secretary Jo Bok-rae (Moving) is shocked, we the audience have just been waiting for the contract wedding bells to ring.

Tae-ha lays out Yeon-woo’s cover story for Grandpa Chun Ho-jin (Twinkling Watermelon): “You’re Vanessa and came from Italy. If my grandfather asks you anything, just smile.” Our independent heroine plays by her own rules, though, and shocks Tae-ha by telling Grandpa that she’s staying in Korea for a few days.

In the sequence, we also get a fun peek at Tae-ha’s younger brother Yoo Seon-ho (Under the Queen’s Umbrella) as well as Yeon-woo’s maidservant Joo Hyun-young (Behind Every Star), who somehow tagged along on Yeon-woo’s journey to the future. But despite our heroine’s growing relationship with Tae-ha, she’s still focused on her main goal and the teaser ends on Yeon-woo’s self-promise to find a way back to Joseon, saying, “I want to go home.”

With production led by PD Park Sang-hoon (My Secret Terrius) and writer Go Nam-jung (Wife Scandal), the countdown is now at six days until MBC’s The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, which will be launching on November 24.

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