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The “White Girl Aesthetic” Is The Latest Viral Trend In China

Young Chinese women are taking cues from western culture in a new trend dubbed the “white girl aesthetic.” The trend involves abandoning traditional Chinese beauty standards and copying western fashion and food choices. However, some people have found issues with the trend.

“White girl aesthetic” guide posted on Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu

On Xiaohongshu, an Instagram-like social media platform, the phrase “white women aesthetic” has become a trending buzzword, along with the trend’s accompanying slogan gaining popularity: “Question white women, understand white women, become white women.”

Users compile social media apps, fashion choices, snacks, and products that fit the aesthetic | Xiaohongshu

According to a report by Huxiu.com, the trend “reflects a growing desire to embrace a more relaxed lifestyle and a desire to attain middle-class status.” The trend is characterized by a switch in lifestyle trends, such as consuming popular and trendy fashion and products. Additionally, there is an emphasis on western food (usually healthy food, but not always).

| Xiaohongshu

However, various viewers pointed out numerous problems with the trend. Not only is it not a realistic lifestyle for some people, they are also blindly following trends instead of doing what fits their own lifestyle.

  • “In a shared apartment, it’s impossible to replicate the feel of a suburban villa. A worker with a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan (US$1,120) can’t wake up at 6am for skincare and exercise.”
  • “This is especially the case when they need to catch the early subway. Also, eating oatmeal yoghurt bowls every meal would upset a Chinese stomach.”
  • “So many people don’t really know what lifestyle they truly enjoy, they just follow trends blindly.”
| QQ.com
Source: SCMP and Business Insider


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