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“The World of The Married” Actress Han So Hee’s Instagram Gets Flooded With Hate Comments, International Fans Apologize

As JTBC‘s sensational K-Drama The World of The Married hits new peaks with every episode, the fabulous stars of the series are receiving a lot of spotlight as well.


In fact, ever since the premiere, actress Han So Hee — for the role of the “shameless mistress” Yeo Da Kyung — has been the center of attention…

Actress Han So Hee

… not only for her surreal visual, but also for her incredibly convincing portrayal of the character. And with all the twists and turns in the plot thus far, some viewers have become simply unable to hold back the hate for her character.

While these “haters” opted to leave negative comments for the actress on her Instagram, as an irresponsible way of dealing with their “feels” after watching the series, many international fans have come to her rescue and apologized.

Han So Hee in “The World of The Married”

Hey, I really apologize for the hate comments from the the people in my country (Indonesia). Your acting is so good, and [you] are a kind person too, there is still many people who love you [and] care for you. Please don’t mind the hate and bullying comments from other people, [they] just don’t understand what’s acting is. Keep strong, and keep healthy, we love you.

— Instagram @aryukidingme

These supportive comments encouraged Han So Hee to disregard the “criticism” from those “who can’t differentiate between the drama and the reality“…

Sorry to Han So Hee, Indonesian fans of The World of The Married can’t understand drama and reality. I was also annoyed [to] see Indonesian fans’ hate comments to you. Your acting [is] very nice, I’m so proud. [Hwaiting!]

— Instagram @dandelihonja

… and showered her with love and praise!

Han So Hee in “The World of The Married”

Love [you]!!!! Don’t [mind the] negative and hate comments [you] get, okay?

— Instagram @hava_nah

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Source: Koreaboo

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