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WayV Impresses With Live Vocals During Encore Performance After First Music Show Win

WayV was the fourth sub-unit of NCT to debut, back on January 17, 2019 with the EP The Vision. They were unique for being the only sub-unit of the group at the time to have no Korean members, with the majority of their songs released in the Chinese language. Because of this, the group was already at a disadvantage in many ways in the K-Pop industry, especially when it came to performing and earning awards on music shows.

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Despite the challenges, however, which included multiple long hiatuses and the departure of Lucas from the group, WayV recently released their fifth EP, Give Me That, on June 3. Promoting the title track of the same name on music shows, fans were ecstatic when the group finally earned their first music show win ever on The Show on June 11!


It took nearly five and a half years for the sub-unit to earn their first music show win, so it was understandably an emotional moment for the members.

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The five active members — minus WinWin — then put on an encore performance, which have become notoriously controversial due to some idols giving less-than-satisfactory vocal performances in recent times. But WayV’s members didn’t disappoint, and despite their heavy emotions after earning their win, they put on a stellar show!

The overall response from netizens seems to be a positive one, with many people sending WayV their congratulations as well as their approval of their live vocal abilities.













  • “Oh, well done.”
  • “So well done, congratulations.”
  • “Congratulations to WayV! The encore was so good.”
  • “Congratulations on first place WayV!”
  • “They’re so good, there are no holes, and the vocals are great.”
  • “I’m crying.”
  • “WayV’s activities in Korea this time are really the best.”
  • “Wow they’re really good at it.”
  • “Even though they have tears in their eyes, they’re good at performing live. It’s sad to see them crying.”
  • “As a fan of WayV, I’m really overwhelmed today!! Congratulations to you all!!”
  • “They’re all foreigners, but they sing well.”
  • “It’s amazing that everyone is a foreigner.”
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Congratulations to WayV on this long-awaited, well-deserved win!

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