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[TW] Rookie Girl Group Sexually Harassed by Staff Member on Broadcast + Company Releases Statement

  [Trigger Warning/Content Warning: Sexual Harassment] Members of rookie girl group Fanatics were sexually harassed by a male staff member during a broadcast, and fans have expressed concern over the girl’s wellbeing. [ story continues below ] On September 7, four of the eight members, Via, Chaelin, Doi, and Rayeon, held a V Live broadcast, […]

Forbes Recognize MONSTA X Shownu and Minhyuk for “Unexpected Yet Cleverly Matched Duet” Following First OST Release

  Shownu and Minhyuk, members of the K-pop group MONSTA X were highlighted by Forbes, a U.S. economic magazine, for their first OST release since their debut. Forbes, a renowned U.S. business magazine, posted a column titled “Monsta X Continue To Expand 2020 Music Activities With Shownu & Minhyuk’s Duet” on its website and official […]

Top 10 Idols With The Shortest Stage Names

  (Photo : BigHit Labels/Cre.ker/Jellyfish Entertainment) [ story continues below ] Stage names are an essential part of K-Pop performances or any performances for that matter. For as long back as one can remember, artists have used stage names to express their artistic persona better. Stage names also serve to help artists distinguish their real […]

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