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2nd Generation K-Pop Goddess Reacts To NewJeans “How Sweet”

Girl group NewJeans recently released a new song, “How Sweet.” Not only did they sweep the charts, but they also swept up the hearts of many. In particular, 2nd generation idol KARA’s Gyuri gushed over the group on various social media channels.

Gyuri took to X to ask fans to stream the girls’ new song. She also promoted her new Instagram post, killing two birds with one stone.

  • “Guys, you might be buys now, but take a listen to NewJeans’ fresh new song, and also take a look at this refreshing unnie in denim. They’re both amazing.”
  • ”Unnie is busy too, but I’m still streaming.”

She also made sure to add ”How Sweet” as an audio track on her Instagram post.

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

Even her caption was full of her love for NewJeans.

This post was made just to listen to NewJeans’ new song.

— Gyuri

What are you waiting for? Take the goddess’ word of advice and listen to “How Sweet” below.

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