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Living as Lee Jung-eun by day and Jung Eun-ji by night

Living as Lee Jung-eun by day and Jung Eun-ji by night

A playful new teaser has arrived for JTBC’s The Woman Who is Different by Day and Night, giving us a peek into the silly adventures of our heroine’s double life, as her ever-changing body switches between Lee Jung-eun (A Bloody Lucky Day) and Jung Eun-ji (Work Later Drink Now 2).

With the help of an amusing narrator, the teaser begins with the explanation that our leading lady is not at fault when it comes to her swapping bodies. We’re then introduced to her daytime-half, using the alias Im Soon (Lee Jung-eun). Curiously, the transformation also allows Soon a big boost in her abilities, making her super capable of any and all tasks.

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Even without powers, though, her night-time half – and true form – Lee Mi-jin (Jung Eun-ji) is a badass in her own right and can clearly hold her own. She also gets some swoon moments with our prosecutor hero Choi Jin-hyuk (Numbers). But it’s fun to see the usually serious Kye Ji-woong (Choi Jin-hyuk) becoming increasingly flummoxed by our heroine under both faces.

In the final sequence, the narrator announces the upcoming premiere date before the teaser ends on an epilogue. Meeting with her friend, Mi-jin tries to ask nonchalantly, “If the makeup is done well, you can easily make someone appear around 30 years younger, right?” Kim Ah-young (Welcome to Samdal-ri) nods in understanding, but truthfully replies, “That, yes, well… You can make it happen by being born again.”

Written by Park Ji-ha (Good Casting) with PD Lee Hyung-min (Showtime Begins, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) at the helm, JTBC’s The Woman Who is Different by Day and Night is slated to premiere on June 15, following The Atypical Family in the weekend slot.




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