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7 IU Songs for Every Mood

IU, who recently celebrated her 12th debut anniversary, is easily one of the most influential and hard working female soloists in the K-Pop industry. Her stage name IU is derived from “I” and “You”, symbolising her hope that people come together through music. Her voice is angelic and she’s extremely expressive.

Many male idols and actors alike have openly mentioned that IU would be their ideal type. This includes BTS Jungkook and actor Lee Dong Wook among many others.

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IU’s music has given hope and respite to many during times of crisis and pain as well as brought tears to those who needed to cry. On the other hand, she has also written the happiest of songs with cheerful lyrics and melody.

Here’s a list of IU songs for any mood whatsoever.

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This coming of age song is one for the history books. Featuring G-Dragon, this song expresses the emotions of finally finding your true self and coming to terms with it.

“I like it, I’m twenty five

I know that you like me

I got this, I’m truly fine

I think I know myself a little bit now”

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A song about owning who you are left and right, IU’s BBIBBI is a message to haters so they know not to mess with her.

“It’s me, it’s me nothing different

What are they gossiping about me these days?

The searching light scanner, scanner

What’s my score today? Jealous, jealous”

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A passionate love song about patience and perseverance, love lost and found, IU follows up on “You and I” with “Above the Time”.

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“Even if I don’t record it

I’ll remember everything of you


 If we finally meet

Out of the boundary of time

 If I stand without stepping on the past

 I’ll dance until I run out of breath…”

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IU’s love letter in a song resonates with many as they reminisce memories of love.

“Like the words written in the sand

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Where the waves are

I’m afraid you’ll disappear

So I always miss you

I can’t take out

All these words in my heart

But this means that I love you”

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A song that perfectly captures the excitement and eagerness of new love, Blueming has a unique concept as it compares exchange of messages with newfound love with the blooming of flowers.

“Our rectangular chat screen is in bloom

With my thumbs I make roses bloom

I think I’m going to get intoxicated off this scent

This is our secret garden”

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This is what you get when two genius lyricists meet. Under the production and feature of BTS Suga, Eight is the story of looking back on one’s happy youth. However, IU and Suga tackle loss and letting go in this track as well. In introducing ‘Eight’, IU shares: “While I’m not sure whether it’s from my personal emotion or from the overall atmosphere of our society that is amidst hard times, my 28th year would be remembered by the recurring feeling of lethargy and longing for the ‘orange island’ where there is no sadness and we are able to be free.” Fans have theorised and with good reason too, that IU wrote this song in dedication to the friends she lost and that is evident from the heaviness of the lyrics.

“So are you happy now?

Finally happy now, are you?

Well, I’m exactly the same

I think I’ve lost everything

Everything comes as it pleases and leaves without a goodbye

Like this, I don’t want to love anything

Where the sun has set, as far as the sun sets

I travel in those memories”

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There is no way anyone can listen to this song without shedding a waterfall of tears. The music video features Kim Soo Hyun and IU as they navigate threads of memories holding them and finally cut them off.

“Please be honest with me

You know I’ll believe anything you say

Just like you said

Do you think that I will ever

Be loved by someone like me?”

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