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A glimpse of the full cast of characters in new Alchemy of Souls 2 teaser

A glimpse of the full cast of characters in new Alchemy of Souls 2 teaser

In the latest teaser for tvN’s Alchemy of Souls 2, we get another look at our hero Jang Wook (Lee Jae-wook). Over quick cuts of the infamous sword — and then fire, mayhem, destruction, and blood — Wook narrates: I couldn’t even protect the person who I promised to protect. What is it I’m supposed to be protecting?

We then cut to our heroine (Naksu? Mu-deok? Jung So-min? Go Yoon-jung? Help!) who says, “You gave me a sorrowful and dreadful wound.” We then see the red jade lighting up before we cut to the palace courtyard, where Wook faces off with Won (Shin Seung-ho — welcome back!). Won confronts Wook, telling him that the sword he’s holding represents his hatred, anger, and sorrow. Uh oh, did someone go to the dark side?

We then move onto Yul (Minhyun), who’s saying a tearful goodbye to a beautiful lady (he does this a lot), followed by quick cuts of our other favorites: Dang-gu (Yoo In-soo), Cho-yeon (Arin), and Jin (Yoo Joon-sang).

There’s a whole lot of epic saga vibes going on — and a peek at our heroine again — before we end on Wook saying he’s made his decision, and has accepted that he needs to fight in order to protect what’s precious to him.

It doesn’t get more teaser-y than this, since the trailer gives us just enough of what we really want to see: the wonderful world and characters of Daeho that we fell in love with. Three years have passed when Part 2 of our story opens, and though much is changed, I’m hoping our characters will all find their way back to each other — be it friends, lovers, or family.

The final 10 episodes of Alchemy of Souls premiere on tvN on December 10.

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