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SBS’s upcoming mystery Trolley hints at intrigue to come

SBS’s upcoming mystery Trolley hints at intrigue to come

Ooh, I’m liking the looks of this poster! SBS’s Trolley sounds a lot like an inversion of JTBC’s recent melo The Empire in terms of plot, but this poster (and the vibes of the earlier teaser) makes me think it’s going to be more suspenseful mournful mystery than melo political thriller?

Trolley stars Kim Hyun-joo (Hellbound) as Kim Hye-joo, the loving wife of well-liked Assemblyman Nam Jung-do — played by Park Hee-soon (A Modest Family). The assemblyman is established and running for his third term when a secret from his wife’s well-hidden past is exposed and threatens to destroy everything.

With this kind of a premise, the drama could easily go off the (trolley) rails, but with this amazing duo in the lead — and the screenwriter of Do You Like Brahms? behind it — they’ve definitely caught my interest. And while we might prefer to see Park Hee-soon as a smexy bad guy gangster (read: My Name), I’m sure he’ll make a compelling politician, too. Interestingly, the drama promises to show a lot of heavy internal conflict, especially through the acting of Kim Hyun-joo, whose character is faced with some impossible decisions.

With PD Kim Moon-gyo (co-director from Lovers of the Red Sky) behind the camera, Trolley premieres on December 19 in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday slot.

SBS's upcoming mystery Trolley hints at intrigue to come

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