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Actor Na In Woo Talks About His Failed Audition To SM And How It Led Him To Join JYP And Train Alongside TWICE’s Jeongyeon


Rising actor Na In Woo has revealed some interesting facts about himself through a broadcast recently.

Recently, Na In Woo appeared on “Radio Star,” he talked about lots of things including the difficulties he’s faced filming for “River Where the Moon Rises,” and how he trained alongside many JYP idols.

During the show, Na In Woo talked about training at JYP Entertainment and how he managed to join that agency. He revealed that as he’d gone to Suwon Station to meet a friend, when he got on a bus and a lady grabbed his hands and gave him her business card, she turned out to be an SM casting director.


The casting director suggested he auditions but since he couldn’t dance, he failed the audition, luckily for him, the casting director liked him and recommended JYP Entertainment to him, that’s how he joined the agency and began training to become an idol.

During the interview, he revealed he used to train with TWICE’s Jeongyeon but had decided to become an actor and thus moved to his current agency CUBE Entertainment.

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In related news, Na In Woo has recently confirmed to join a new romance drama by “River Where the Moon Rises” director.


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