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Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Boa team up for tvN’s Military Inspector Doberman

Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Boa team up for tvN’s Military Inspector Doberman

Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Boa

Ahn Bo-hyun is making a rapid comeback after Yumi’s Cells with tvN’s upcoming drama Military Prosecutor Doberman. He’s starring alongside Jo Boa (Tale of the Nine Tailed), Oh Yeon-soo (Criminal Minds), Kim Young-min (Private Lives), and Kim Woo-seok (Voice 4).

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Military Prosecutor Doberman is about the partnership that grows between two colleagues: one who chose their military inspector career for money, and the other who chose it to get revenge.

Ahn Bo-hyun is set to play Do Bae-man, the handsome military inspector who lives for the day he can finally retire from the force. Jo Boa is set to play Cha Woo-in, the fast-talking rookie military inspector who comes from a chaebol family. As such, she’s unafraid to confront powerful figures, as she investigates them in her pursuit of revenge.

Oh Yeon-soo plays the first ever female Divisional Commander of the Armed Forces. She’s exceptionally intelligent, with an even better poker face, which makes other people automatically submit to her. Kim Young-min plays a former military inspector who became a lawyer, and Kim Woo-seok plays a precocious chaebol heir who became the company’s CEO, despite only being in his late twenties.

Written by Yoon Hyun-ho (Lawless Lawyer) and directed by Jin Chang-kyu (Bad Papa), Military Inspector Doberman will air in 2022 on tvN.

Oh Yeon-soo, Kim Young-min, Kim Woo-seok

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