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ARMYs Are Loving BTS’s Efforts To Speak More English During Interviews

Recently, BTS held an interview with iHeartRadio and talked about their music and upcoming album. Fans were happy to see that all the members tried their best to speak English during the interview. Leader RM stepped up and tried to have everyone say something in English for their foreign fans.



In this clip, Jimin answered in Korean and RM commented, “In English bro,” causing Jimin to be really shy yet adorable.


Fans were ecstatic to see J-Hope stepping up his English game as he made full statements in English for the fans.


Even Suga, who usually doesn’t care and speaks in whatever language he’s comfortable with, spoke a bit of English after some support from RM.


ARMYs were touched and impressed with their English in regards to how much they had improved.





Watch the full interview below!

Source: Koreaboo

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