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Big Mouth lawyer Lee Jong-seok becomes the con artist Big Mouse

Big Mouth lawyer Lee Jong-seok becomes the con artist Big Mouse

We have a new crop of dramas to look forward to in July and MBC has released their first round of promos for their upcoming noir Big Mouth.

The story has Lee Jong-seok (Romance Is a Bonus Book) in the role of a third-rate lawyer named Park Chang-ho. With a case success rate of only 10%, he’s known as “Big Mouth” for being all talk with nothing to show for it. Struggling to pay rent on his law office, he’s also behind on paying his one staff member’s wages – who also happens to be his father-in-law. But when he takes on a new murder case, he becomes mistaken for the con artist known as “Big Mouse,” putting himself and his family in great danger. (Side note: The English words “mouth” and “mouse” are pronounced the same when spelled out in Korean.)

Yoon-ah (Hush) plays Nurse Go Mi-ho, who has been feeling fed up in her marriage with Park and is now wanting to divorce. Throughout their relationship, she tried her best to be supportive and help with his career, but her trust in him has been wavering and it only gets worse when he’s wrongfully believed to be “Big Mouse.”

In supporting roles in the drama, we have our story’s ambitious power couple: Mayor Kim Joo-hun (Soundtrack #1) and Hospital Director Ok Ja-yeon (The Veil). Although not featured in the recent promos, the lineup also includes CEO Yang Kyung-won (One Ordinary Day), con artist felon Kwak Dong-yeon (Monstrous), as well as doctor Park Hoon (Soundtrack #1).

Directed by PD Oh Choong-hwan (Start-Up, Hotel Del Luna) with scripts penned by Kim Ha-ram, Big Mouth premieres July 29, following Dr. Lawyer in MBC’s Friday-Saturday slot.

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