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News bites: June 10, 2023

News bites: June 10, 2023 by tccolb New promos have arrived for JTBC’s Miracle Brothers, featuring the main cast in newly released stills as well as an angsty new teaser. With Jung Woo (Mental Coach Jegal) and Bae Hyun-sung (Gaus Electronics) headlining the series, the mystery-fantasy launches later this month on June 28. [Sports Donga […]

News bites: May 30, 2023

News bites: May 30, 2023 by tccolb It’s posters galore this week with MBC taking a serious approach, featuring our three leads facing off in the office drama Numbers: Watchdogs in a Concrete Jungle. Clashing over ethics versus survival of the fittest in a world of finance, L (Secret Royal Investigator), Choi Jin-hyuk (Zombie Detective), […]

News bites: May 24, 2023

News bites: May 24, 2023 by tccolb JTBC greeted us this week with more pretty posters of chaebol Junho (The Red Sleeve Cuff) and hotelier Yoon-ah (Big Mouth) in the upcoming rom-com King the Land. Launching on June 17, following Doctor Cha in the weekend slot, the posters’ tagline beckons us to check-in for a […]

News bites: May 22, 2023

News bites: May 22, 2023 by tccolb A new poster has arrived for ENA’s upcoming Lies Hidden in My Garden, with our two leading ladies Kim Tae-hee (Hi Bye, Mama!) and Im Ji-yeon (The Glory) curiously donning the same pink scarf. Slated to air on June 19, the suspense-thriller has PD Jung Ji-hyun (Twenty Five […]

Enemies-to-lovers chemistry in King the Land teaser

Enemies-to-lovers chemistry in King the Land teaser by Jenzy A new teaser for the highly anticipated upcoming Junho (The Red Sleeve Cuff) and Yoon-ah (Big Mouth) drama King the Land is here with all the cheesiness and nostalgia of a frozen pizza, and I’m so here for it.It’s that age-old story we’ve all come to […]

News bites: April 27, 2023

News bites: April 27, 2023 by tccolb Im Shi-wan (Summer Strike) is considering a new drama, which curiously has the same title as the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in Korean. Taking place in dramaland’s new favorite era, the 1980s, the suspense story will be set around a high school in the South Chungcheong province. […]

News bites: March 15, 2023

Doctor Slump appears to have some great talent behind it, so I’m feeling less skeptical about the quality of this one. But I will say that although I truly don’t have anything against Park Shin-hye, I find that I don’t much like the dramas she chooses. The one exception is “Father is Strange” but she […]

News bites: July 20, 2022

1. I am once again in love with Sooyoung. 2. Won Jin-ah’s hair is a mess, but I may be able to forgive it if the show is good. Emphasis on may. 3. Namgoong Min in a ROMANCE??!? Without Kim Ji-eun??? HOLY SHIT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. He’s finally going back to his romantic […]

News bites: July 13, 2022

1. The duality aspect of Lee Jong-suk’s role does kinda sound genuinely interesting. Definitely an upgrade from the typical law drama. I’m just afraid they’re gonna make it too comedic or that he might not have the acting chops to pull it off. And that’s before taking into account my chronic allergy to Yoona’s acting… […]

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