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Fans Pleasantly Surprised To Learn That Song Joong Ki Sent A Sweet Gift To Support Jo Byeong Gyu

Song Joong Ki has shown support for his hoobae Jo Byeong Gyu’s drama “The Uncanny Counter”! On January 7, Jo Byeong Gyu posted photos to instagram of himself standing in front of a coffee truck, the truck was sent by Song Joong Ki. In the banner, Song Joong Ki says he’s rooting for actor Jo […]

“The Uncanny Counter” Is The First OCN Drama To Hit Double Digits In Ratings + “Mr. Queen” Achieves A New Personal Best Record

“The Uncanny Counter” and “Mr. Queen” are doing tremendously well! “The Uncanny Counter” has been breaking multiple records for OCN, recently, it became the highest rated OCN drama in its history and it has been soaring higher ever since setting multiple new records in the process. On January 10,  “The Uncanny Counter” broke its own […]

K-Netizens Furious After A Famous SBS Announcer Accidentally Leaked Major Spoilers Of “Penthouse 2”

SBS announcer Kim Soo Min is under heavy fire for spoiling major parts of “Penthouse 2” plot. The issue was found when she recently uploaded a vlog to her personal YouTube channel, in the video, she announces that she’s going to have a special appearance on “Penthouse 2,” she was practicing the script during the […]

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